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Fresh - Cold Pressed - Locally Produced - Convenient - Healthy

Intro-juicing Essentially, Norway's first line of nourishing cold pressed juice cleanses and juice packages. Locally produced, 100% raw, delightful and energizing. Pressed to perfection daily from the finest vegetables and fruits and delivered straight to your doorstep. Try it!

  • "I drink Essentially Juice for my health and well-being. Since I have a high insuline production I need to eat a lot of vegetables which is not easy in a stressful and busy life. It is therefore very convenient to get freshly pressed juice delivered home and it tastes fantastic."

    Julie "Chikujenta", Foodblogger, Oslo
  • "Essentially's juices give a lovely sensation of health and wellness in a busy schedule, and the craving for chocolate and sweets disappears when you drink juice instead. I miss the juice when my fridge is empty and I am doomed to be an everlasting customer of Essentially!"

    Sølvi, Oslo
  • "I use Essentially’s detox programme to cleanse and reset. After 3 days of the juices I feel that my senses are enhanced. This allows me to hone the expression of my food and continue to deliver at a high level."

    Esben Holmboe Bang, Chef at Maaemo, Oslo
  • "I am depending on work out and healthy diet daily, but with a lot of travelling it is difficult to keep a balanced diet. For me the Essentially juices are a great way to get on track again."

    Maya Vik, Musician, Oslo

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Summer and juice cleanse time! Try our 1-, 3- or 5-day juice cleanse and feel great!

Why Cold Pressed

Cold pressed juice preserves nutritional value and taste - this is a whole new kind of juice!


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